Anne Luther Messengers Artist Statment

I had been thinking this past year about the change in direction of my life. These weren’t new thoughts. I transformed my life many times before. Through all of my life changes, the one constant has been a message. A message which inspired me, gave me the courage to make a change or turned on the light of understanding.

These messages may have been spoken by a loved one, read in a book, delivered by a spiritual guide or even overhead in a conversation between two strangers. On several occasions, I believe that someone had entered my life for the sole purpose of delivering a message and then left as quickly as they appeared. Some of the messages are profound, others simplistic, even trite, but none the less, they hold great power for me.

These works are alters, or miniature theatrical stages of delight. They pay homage to those messengers and their messages who have so transformed me.

Anne Luther Signature