Sacred Journals

Anne Luther Sacred Journals Artist Statement

Sacred journals began with a single piece I created for myself. I was not working on a show or a body of work, but rather a piece that was solely for my own enjoyment. As so often happens, when the first piece was completed, I so loved the size and its meaning that I became Victoria Page in the film The Red Shoes, I could not stop myself from creating “just one moreâ€.

Each work fits comfortably in the hand, like a small book. These pieces are intended to be tactical, meditative objects. While not a traditional altered books, each one opens in a book like manner. The covers are made of metal, wood or leather and embellished with a array of hand made beads, ceramic pieces or vintage objects.

Once opened, the viewer uncovers a collaged interior, reminiscent of eastern traveling shrines, an invitation to the viewer to bring his or her own experience to the art work, to dream, think and wonder, to experience the mystery and the magic.

As personal pieces, Sacred Journals, also take the worry out of “buying artâ€. With no need to concern ourselves with available wall space left to display art or if the color will coordinate with the décor, these works, each approximately 5†x 4†, are intended to sit on a table, or stored in a drawer for personal reflection.

Anne Luther Signature