Anne Luther Surreal

Anne Luther Surreal
with a Head Full of Clouds

Anne Luther Surreal
Anne Luther Surreal

Anne Luther Surreal

Anne Luther Surreal
Anne Luther Surreal
Anne Luther Surreal
Anne Luther Surreal

Young Girl Who Dreams


from the dream state


“Ever since
I saw the Dali melting clocks, his strange mix of ingredients
captured in paint, that fantasy dream world, I have been
obsessed with the interpretation of dreams and the surrealist
artist’s depictions of them. I want to expose that
other world, the one which lives side by side with the real
world, the fantasies and the nightmares. Sometimes that
world is passionate and full of life, other times it is
a little morbid.

Since time immemorial
the human race has regarded dreams as mysterious, significant
and powerful. They seem to speak directly to our aware mind
from the unconscious, reflecting our joys, anxieties and
hopes. Throughout history and across many different cultures,
dreams have had much importance attached to them. The ancient
Greeks and Japanese believed dreams to be warnings about
the future, while Freud transformed the way people viewed
dreams, believing their interpretation were a means of unlocking
the subconscious mind.

In this show you will
see a collection of dream and surreal art work re- interpretations.
You will see clouds and a number of wings, the commonly
recurring dream symbols for flying, but clouds and wings
can also represent transcendence. There is a collection
of disembodied hands, empty, reaching out, or filled with
surprises and meaning. And then there are the masks, hiding
our true self from others. In this show I want to pay homage
to the Surrealist movement of the late 19th & 20th Century,
by re- interpreting the icons of Magritte, Ernst, Duchamp
and Dali in my own, often feminist, way.

In Surrealism, the
eye exists in its savage state, a morality of revolt, myth
and psychoanalysis. Jung said that our dreams reveal our
hidden wishes and insights, that they are a small hidden
door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul,
the remarkable visions that visit us while we sleep. I hope
you enjoy this journey through my hidden door.â€